Brochure & Menu Stands

Classic Menu Board

The Classic Menu Board has an A3 landscape format frame that has rounded corners for safe use in busy environments.

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Decorative Menu Board

An elegant look and available as A3 or A4 sizes.

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Folder Menu Board

Ideal for the display of menus or product information.

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Flexible Menu Board

Truly flexible and multi functional Menu Board with a choice of A4 and A3.

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Pillar Leaflet Dispenser

Smart leaflet dispenser with heavy base for use in public areas.

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Decorative Brochure Stand

Available as A4 landscape and portrait formats

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Rotating Brochure Carousel

Choose from A4, A5 or 1/3 A4 dispensers.

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Rapid Brochure Set

Eye catching and stylish with a choice of two or three shelf tiers.

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Easy Swap

An easy to use aluminium product suitable for rigid displays 5-10mm thick and up to 1500mm high.

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Poster Trap

An easy to use display product consisting of a base in two halves suitable for rigid displays 5-10mm thick and up to 1500mm high.

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Fast Note

Fast Note is used for the display of notices, memos, customer orders, photos etc without the need for pins or adhesive.

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Swing Wing

This clever and versatile menu holder will place your menu or display exactly where you want it.

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Zig Zag Stand

The Zig Zag Stand is designed as a permanent literature or brochure stand, perfect for reception, showroom and retail areas.

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Zig Zag Stand With Header

Improve the impact of your Zig Zag stand by adding a header which is updatable very simply using a print off your own computer.

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