Smart LED Lightbox

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This very slim (only 19mm deep), energy saving lightbox utilises the very latest LED technology to produce a bright white light that will bring life to any display. The Smart LED Lightbox is very popular due to it’s smart appearance, energy saving qualities and ease of using snapframes to change the poster display. A4 – A0 available.


Totem Lightbox

The Totem Lightbox is a floorstanding double sided unit, illuminated by a high power fluorescent tube.

From only £249.50View Details

Edgelit Lightbox

Edgelit Lightbox illuminated by fluorescent tubes to give a lift to any display.

From only £94.95View Details

Convex Lightbox

The Convex Lightbox is ideal for wall mounting either landscape or portrait format.

From only £82.50View Details

Lockable External Lightbox

Smart and slim with vandal resistant key locking frame.

From only £179.50View Details

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